Saturday, August 22, 2009

when you (can) say nothing at all...

Bypassing any romantic implications the title may have and coming straight to the point, it's getting difficult to brush your teeth in peace and solace.
I am not even talking about the no-show of Coriolis Effect in the collecting ,stagnant waters . Right. Ewww.

Barely awake, I float off to the Confluence of Brushing People and wiggle between million elbows to subject my teeth to the second half of the morning maxim, that is, SHINE. When a certain over-chatty conspirator decides to make the most out of the assembled crowd and hold an early morning Election Poll right there. The poll question that I have to apparently answer is
" Who are you voting for".

I am (literally) foaming and frothing at the mouth and thus rendered speechless, preventing me from giving a fitting reply ( Batman, in this case), and E.C has to back off, disappointed .
Meanwhile I say a silent prayer of thanks to the Tooth Fairies, for early morning Poli-themed conversations are super-bugging.
Poli is not even a welcome topic in the afternoon, evening or night for that matter.

There are other times when one might be speech-deprived.

One is when people breaks stupidity records and coolly and confidently state the fact that a swine is undoubtedly, a type of an insect.

Or when the Prof who looks EXACTLY like a lion tamer ( complete with chinese mafiaesque moustaches and metaphoric whip- weird assignments ) ends every sentence of his with a HA-HA-HA. The HA-HA-HA is not any staid HA-HA-HA; it starts at B-flat 2, slides off into F2 before fading dramatically into silence. Tears, yes, tears stream down as you are bent triple from the task of not being able to ROFL properly.

But it is unexpected news like FOUR STRAIGHT HOLIDAYS which makes the thorax stutter with emotion and manage only a poor WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in response, that takes the cake for the awesomest speechless moments of the past few days.


  1. You have desecrated the sanctity of sleepathons by posting from amidst what was to be uninterrupted sleep. And yes, you will be shaken awake in order to cast your valuable vote.
    WHEEEEEEE's don't qualify as speechlessness.

  2. Ha Poli, its everywhere. May it be the mess or a classroom and even the loo isnt spared these days... I agree with Kondy, some jackass or the other is gonna wake us all early in the morning. Poli!

  3. you should really thank your sister for publicizing you! :)

    you really have a great talent for writing. just don't stop :)

  4. @ kondy: WHEEEE is not much of a speech..whatever makes you think it is. and it was an overambitious sleepathon plan anyway.
    @ amogh: i wonder what d gr8 campaigners would say if they saw us choose our bhawan secy by the simple process of Inky Ponky...
    @ prateeksha: you are right but the damage is done- i called her an ass for it!