Friday, April 29, 2011

Crime and Punishment

The whole point of writing this post is to

get the last one out of sight.

That last post-check it out- it has this one unwholesome pic of one shoe perched on one dead leaf and the gravel around it is turning grey in protest.
Or you could be wiser, and help your cursor migrate to the top-left where it's screaming for.

I know.

Way too much free time and all that porky stuff. But fine reader, your having made it till here speaks a lot about your intrepid attitude and mettle and also shines some light on your having nothing else to do. Same boat, lovely reader, same boat.

Happy Hols.


  1. I actually reloaded the window 3 times before realising that you had intentionally left THAT much space.
    Holidays are a necessary evil.


  2. @ Arun & Vikesh: haan haan.

    @ kondy: What! and it still didn't show up still?...lappy's getting old I'd say.

  3. See !! I told ya, you missed a picture or something..