Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Random Things

The moon rose, sped across the skies and then disappeared slowly into the paling sky.
Like Always.

Yawn, morning arrived.
Like It Always Did.

Yawn, class at, yawn, 11 am.
Some Vague Lecture.

Yawn, class, zzzzz...., lunch, zzzzz, class...
And the day died and the moon set its gears again.

If the World was someone's TV, someone was into repeat telecasts. And it was one dull, dreary show they were watching.

That is until the Monkey thundered into the scene.

And then - a cat! And then, the ghost of a mangy cur. And the tooth imprints of a rat. And the wintry chill that only a snow leopard can bring with it. And the quiet silence of the sloth bear.
Oh yes, all of a sudden there's Wildlife in the hostel, prowling unexpectedly around corners, dragging into the stony walls the trails of the wild, an air of tense excitement and promises of unpredictable adventure.

Now, the Monkey is one after my own heart. He owns the following:

1. a broken left leg
2. a shocking appetite for anything remotely edible
3. a permanently blank expression that passes off as deep and philosophical

Next to turn up was the crazy cat. The crazy cat is a regular spitfire. It is completely ignorant of social etiquette and hobnobs with dustbins and thinks of ways to eradicate mankind all the time.

There is also the Ghost of a Dog, spotted only at the Witching Hour, sniffing hungrily at dustbins( probably they smell of the crazy cat)
There are rats too, some reduced to ghosts after guzzling over mess leftovers.

Out of the above fauna, only the Monkey is worth striking up companionship. There were talks about making it the Wing Counselor but this peaceful primate didn't come down from the roof for a whole day as a mild sign of protest.
And the cat is plain evil.

What a clever post, indeed.

P.S: All the above characters are NOT fictitious and anyone who lives in the same wing and doesn't know about all this is living in the thralls of danger and doom. Seriously. Dogs. Bite.


  1. as random as a water buffalo licking lamp shades!

  2. or as someone trying to look like mike shinoda, yawn.

  3. I think the cat is indifferent. Could have made a great wing counsellor.