Saturday, December 5, 2009

Enteritis The Dragon

Contrary to popular disbelief, it has now been proven that exams are highly injurious to one's health. Yeah! They gave me the nefarious Salmnonella Typhi! Stuff that does something to your spleen and gives you the sensation of being a saucepan on the sizzle.
Buried under a five inch thick layer of blankets, I dreamt many dreams. Hot, boiling pasta..sinful tiramisu..and then,slowly, like a black shadow loomed into my sight the blasted SP lunch- the REAL cause of all the brouhaha!
I tried to punch down the shadow but it stuck its tongue at me and vanished.

The carnival however truly took off when they began the vaccines. I have had enough needles ploughed into me to make a tattoo out of it. Cute, innit? And a cute intravenous thingy sticking in my vein. One turn of its valve, and hurrah, out floweth the blood.
I got a cute alternate tagline for this post. Tyfried.

Stay Warm.


  1. All well now, Prachi?

    BTW, try anabolic steriods. They're a killer! :P

  2. Prachi, if the lunch provided you with those lovely li'l Salmonella Typhosa, wait until you try their water.

  3. are you now? Sorry to use your blog as a medium for this but I tried your phone...did not connect for some reason...anyway...I am sorry you missed the Inter IIT! I am seriously thinking that the baddy girls' team is jinxed! Get Well Soon! Take Care...

  4. @ anunaya: some people have had all the experience :)
    @ kondy: i can't WAIT to try their water, sue them and walk off with a cool billion dollars.
    @ prachi: hey..m fine now! 'taking care' is the most boring process as one discovers when one is doomed to do that and nothing else but that for twenty days:)
    and ABSOLUTELY- the baddy team was jinxed this time! however, next year, we will (hopefully) come up with some witchcraft of our own..:)

  5. You're at home? Or back in the thick of things?

  6. Of course i am at home, it being vacation time. New Ear and all, you know.