Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The End Draws Closer

P.G's WoodHearse ( established since 1989) is sad to announce that Summer-break '09 has booked a hearse for itself. Undertakers from IITR have announced the day of its death- 22nd of this month.

Not since the demise of Sirius Black have I found myself so completely choked and cut up. Needless to say, its an early, cruel death for these upstanding HolyDays, and allow me a last hearty sob into my kerchief before I read out the funeral speech.

* Background music: Another Brick In the Wall By Pink Floyd*

I am P.G. and I would like to say a few words in memory of The HolyDays.

A whole glorious summer of wallowing in laziness has passed, and it is with surprise that I note that we all made it through, despite the scorching sun, the unyielding rains and The Hangover.
Looking back, the HolyDays fit into the general scheme of 'life is one grand, sweet song'. One could be lazy. One could be greedy. One could loll forever, atleast till one's spine suffered permanent damage.

My brief but beautiful relation with the HolyDays took me to the most breath-taking heights of Joblessness. It was this vast space of time which let me sit for hours appreciating the singular beauty of an earthworm trying to crawl out of the earth after the first showers.
It seems so unbelievably far-away- the day when Shendi ( Agent XAGR8) and I held up Monginis, snubbed a w.h.i.t.e. and snuck off to KFC for reinforcements, ( missing Agent Blonde and Agent BroomSTUCK sorely) and met the Chinese gunman Chu-ha .
This is all I can manage to say, because at the moment, grief has rendered my thorax dysfunctional.

One more week and the green and lush Roorkee will pop back into sight and life will screech out its answer to the meaning of Architecture, Second Year and First Sem : 42.


  1. He he he.. that was a hillarious post. Another Brick in the Wall... yet another nail in the coffin for the precious Holy-days. And its sad that Douglas Adams' universal remedy has spelled doom for Archi Second yearites.

    I expect everyone to have been more saddened at Dumbledore's death, eh?

  2. thanks a lot :)
    Hmm..Dumbledore's death wasn't that tragic, was it? Also news of his death has been leaked out much before i actually read da book :)
    and ya, D O O M is the right word!

  3. If there's one thing I can't have too much of, it's joblessness. Which is precisely why I was only too pleased to spend a good portion of my time at work playing Scrabble while lesser-brained interns went around hounding the Boss for projects. Oh and I still haven't seen The Hangover.

    And yes, I too found Sirius' death more saddening than Dumbledore's.

  4. heehee...'jobless' while on a job seems like an excellant pursuit!
    Better see Hangover, what were u doing all these days while 'interning'?

  5. gr8 post.u sum up the holyday ending emotions picturesquely.we all were jobless but earthworms?,i think u deserve the palme d'or of joblessness here.

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  7. thanks ya..i always top 'jobless' charts!

  8. You realize the value of what you have only when its not with you... You also realize the value of what you didn't have when you get it. However Joblessness doesn't necessarily end here - its a way of life.

    P.S. Dumbledore had to go... Dumb old guy!
    P.P.S. So this becomes the oldest amongst its siblings?

  9. What! Dumbledore was dumb? Are you insane, Kondy?
    Beg your pardon sir, but this is the height of disrespect! I cannot convey my disgust and contempt enough.

    Its better we refrain fron commenting upon HP characters in FB or blogosphere.

  10. @ kondy: the oldest and the wisest!..may it live a little longer!

    @ arun: dumbledore wasn't dumb but sirius was more real.And plus his was the 'first' death that was happened in hp..by dumby's time we were to become a little more steel-nerved :D

  11. @ The lord and PG,

    Looks like I touched a nerve there and I'd like to clarify. Dumbledore, who was supposedly the greatest wizard of all time, was all of a sudden portrayed old and weak in the final chapters... So, maybe JKR wanted us to think he was getting senile... Great nevertheless.

    JKR's a good writer, but where'd she go without us critics... Omg! I've rambled too much. I'm becoming a D'dore... Anyway, I had to say all to prevent people from crying!

  12. Sirius' death was indeed very saddening, and completely unexpected. It broke Harry's heart, but had little effect on the story otherwise.
    For a generation that has grown up with Harry Potter, Dumbledore has been an incredible inspiration. His greatness is unparalleled, but his death was inevitable. Misery can befall the greatest of men, and he embraced death for the greater good.

  13. We were made to believe D'dore had a lot of wisdom up his sleeve, but it was sort of vaguely elucidated.
    But sirius's daring and gall was right there! spelled out clearly!
    but like arun sez, misery befalls the greatest of men..and both wisdom and gall amounted to sad deaths.
    long live their spirits! long live d blog!