Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I simply have no clue what to write.

You see I have undertaken to write this post, so helpfully titled 'Err', in the same spirit as one might sit down to do an English Composition Exercise.

There's a chap called Edward Lear. He has written a book called The Complete Book of Nonsense, and one suspects he did so under the same circumstances as mine. I own, I am quite sure, the only copy he ever sold.

Well, I got that out finally.

What next?

One can hear some birds right now. And whooshing cars.

If I turn my head by approx. 85 degrees, I can see a pale blue sky and a row of pretty houses. If I could have extended my neck out of the window, I would have seen a road disappearing into the sky.

The birds are sounding so happy.

Hmm, Yawn, Yabbidy-yoo.

Maybe some other time, then.