Monday, November 1, 2010


" Oh, Fish" I said, not for the first time in the last several weeks. Then I went back to quiet contemplation and general racoonery.

" Huh."
" Yikes"
" Crumbs."
" Bliff."

It really doesn't help to throttle your thorax into saying too much stuff. Words are a lot, lot of crap and it is better to invest energy in better things, like thinking of short, staccato replies.
A quiet " Bliff" can pack quite a lot of sharp disapproval, if voiced carefully so as to end the second 'f 'with a pleasant sonorous ring. " Huh" is not even a word, it's like a puff of air. Used too often, it suggests bovine dumbness but the true artist accompanies it with a casual sneer and an appraisal of the heavens for effecting a classically condescending finish.

Music, now. Music is better. It's OK for people to sing words to music, because the irritating inflections usually dip into the melody and then return to thrill and enchant. I am not against lyrics.They are usually beautiful, pretty words woven into the language of violins, pianos and guitars. Often when the music ends, the lyrics stay behind. Journeys need an accompaniment of music, especially if there is a lot of tooting traffic on the way.

But the best is the sound of trains through a foggy, winter morning. A feeling easily shattered by the rasping of the railways announcer, but still full of promise and adventure.

Brain sounds usually spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Eric Clapton sounds melt the soul. Lady Gaga sounds smell of mold ( not really).

No way I can segue this into a mircalously meaningful conclusion. Blog's been lonely for a while and I thought a stiff dose of nonsense might cheer it up a bit. That's all, and oh, Bliff.