Monday, November 2, 2009

cribbity crabbity

One of the top 3 things i hate doing is WRITING. I prefer the egyptian heiroglyphs, thank you. However it is positioned at # 3 with Drafting and Model making grabbing the top honors. I also hate several other things which i am unable to pinpoint.
I like dozing on the couch, with the TV and the stereo simultaneously in blare-mode, one eye on a Wodehouse, another on the telly..and preferably the comforting crunch of a cookie resonating in my ears.
Sadly, Roorkee is no couch-potato's den. Cruel, piercing sunrays wake you up to another day of drudgery. You shunt from one place to another, in vain hope of a yielding prof cancelling his class..only to troop out of his class four hours later, using the T-pulley for support..
BeWigged sets us off to survey the godamned Roorkeescape in the blazing sun. The Wobbly Man shakes his head with calculated disdain, when we enter the class at 9:01- one minute past the official time. And the best part: We are not spared the gospel knowledge of Quantum either. Add to it the interesting angle of crackpot despots teaching us how not to build a house. A stint here, and the Taliban would renounce their weapons and take up knitting.
Agreed. Cookiecrunching and tvstereotwotiming are luxuries beyond the realms of non-royalty. I mean you are supposed to slug it, if you want to turn into a Steve Jobs. On the other hand, NO, slugging is a purely personal choice. You don't slug for The BigWig or the Crackpot Despots at the beck of their bloody fingers. As a principle, i am anti-rebellion because you can always shut up and bear it. But my principle is already straining under the first of the 42.
Cribbing, they say, is a hypochondriac's first stage. But think ye, where would Pink Floyd and RHCP be without a little cribbing.